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 UP #844 @ 80mph with Bonus Closeups of Drivers at Speed!Added: October 08, 2007 

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Locomotive Details Location/Date of Video
Union Pacific (more..)
Steam 4-8-4 (more..)
Big Springs, Nebraska, USA (more..)
September 03, 2007
Locomotive No./Train ID Videographer
844 (more..)
UP # 844 (more..)
Skip Weythman (more..)
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Remarks: Oklahoma Centennial Sooner Rocket @ HiBall eastbound out of Julesburg, Colorado and CHARGING at 80mph to Big Springs, Nebraska we start with passing under the I-80 bridge and cover 3 xings in a minute30 with some closeups of the Drivers at speed,OH the Glory!
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  User Comments on this Video (4)

Posted by Kelly Lynch on October 9, 2007

My eyes are spinning. Thank you for sharing, Skip. 844 seems effortless.

Posted by Pete Reynolds on February 28, 2008

Very impressed with the nice clean smoke she's running. Very efficient. Almost makes me want to toss the job, hop on the bike and head out west for a chance to see her up close for myself.

Posted by CaliforniaRailroader on May 3, 2008

My grandpa worked on the 844, her sisters and many other steamers in Pocatello, ID, he was a machinist with the UP/OSL RR for 50 years there (1920's-1970's). We both got to see her come through in the 1980's, and we have a pic of both of us standing next to her at the Depot, very special times, especially since he has now passed on, I sure miss him! You have caught the 844 doing what it was designed to do, pull passenger trains at high speeds, and you have done an excellent job, thanks Skip!

Posted by E. M. Yeagley on May 15, 2009

On the UP, sometime during the steam era, (I don't know exactly when,) Mile Posts were marked with broad white stripes on the telegraph poles along the right of way. To indicate location and within a particular mile, about half way up the pole, painted were (later broad white Scotchlite strappings was used) four stripes to indicate the beginning of a mile, along with a number board nailed between two of the four stripes. One stripe, quarter mile, two stripes, half mile, three stripes the three quarter mile. I worked on the Sidney Sub as an engineer, where Julesburg Colorado is located, about eighteen miles west of Big Springs Nebraska. To check accuracy of a speed recorder, these markers were clocked. I used a stop watch, and checked by the quarter mile. Skip is right to round off the speed to 80MPH. The 844 is running (legally) at about 79 MPH. If you watch closely, you will see these markers pass by in the video. I clocked a quarter mile at 11.62 seconds, which is about 79 MPH (max authorized passenger speed) or thereabouts. As indicated in my timetable, a full mile at 80 MPH is 45 seconds, or 11.25 seconds to the quarter. Have some fun, and try it yourself!

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