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 CN MLW 636 switches with Via FPA-4 6778 passing at high speedAdded: December 02, 2007 

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Locomotive Details Location/Date of Video
VIA Rail (more..)
MLW FPA-4 (more..)
CN Kingston Sub (more..)
Burlington, Ontario, Canada (more..)
July 02, 1985
Locomotive No./Train ID Videographer
VIA 6778 (more..)
Kent Nelson (more..)
Contact Kent Nelson
Remarks: VIA FPA-4 6778 flies past CN SD40-2W as it switches along with a GP9 4493 at Burlington, Ontario
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  User Comments on this Video (17)

Posted by BB on December 2, 2007

Great video! Gotta love the old power.... they certainly don't make 'em like that anymore.

Posted by Jack D. Kuiphoff on December 2, 2007

Kent. Your killing me!!!!! Don't you know I'm a recovering ALCOholic??? I love this vintage stuff. Thanks, Jack

Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on December 2, 2007

A high nose GP9, a MLW beast switching (you can actually see the drive shaft turning the air compressor), and a FPA-4 blating thru. Soooo sweet! Thanks a ton Kent.

Posted by mute on December 3, 2007

Looks like some sort of re-railing device hanging under the cab window of that switch engine.

Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on December 11, 2007

Not only is that GP9 high-hooded... but also it set up to run Long Hood Forward! THAT is a catch.

Posted by Rerailing Device on June 9, 2008

"Mute", that's what it is. Most CN freight units used to carry them.

Posted by John S. Huber on June 9, 2008

Great subject and photos, but you need to use a TRI-POD to stop the extra movement. It takes away from the excellant subjects. Nice photos.

Posted by Apostolos Anastasiadis on June 11, 2008

I like this type of video because you have to be patient...And of course i love these noisy engines.Nine MLW's MX636 working for more than 30 years in Greece in heavy freight trains,yards operations e.t.c.

Posted by Norm on October 3, 2008

Really enjoyed the old footage. Despite what others may say I thought the lack of a tripod took nothing from the video--it felt like we were standing trackside with you when the passenger train flew by.

Posted by Marc on December 27, 2008

Nice video Kent! CN used to be a great railroad to railfan, and Burlington was a great place to watch the action. That area's changed just a little bit since you shot that footage. Just a small nit to pick: The main CN line though Burlington is the Oakville sub. The Beaches and Halton subs tie in near Burlington West. The Kingston sub starts in Montreal and ends at Toronto.

Posted by Kent Nelson on December 28, 2008

Thanks for the comments and the correction on this being the Oakville Sub Marc. I've mad the correction on some of my other Canada videos but not this one yet. Thanks for your help. Kent

Posted by Ken Oglesby on January 13, 2009

Hearing that bell and that chugging on the GP-9 brought very fond memories growing up in Knoxville,TN and watching L&N and Southern Railway switchers working in the yards there. One question,on the 3 locomotive segment it appeared only the back engine was working. Was that correct or was it just the only one smoking? Great video,I loved it.

Posted by Kent Nelson on January 14, 2009

Thanks for the comments from all of you and the helpful info too. Ken, yes all three locomotives were working. That old MLW is just doing what it does best with all the smoke. They do bring back a lot of old memories. Kent

Posted by Britt on February 2, 2009

That Alco had one heck of a job - Pulling that train, and shoving those two clunkers along! B

Posted by Tim Wakeman on November 6, 2009

25 years ago video cameras with this quality were rare, High hood GP9s were not. Nice stuff Kent.

Posted by Dylan Eigenheer on December 21, 2011

I was really surprised at the GP-9, especially the classic equipment. I Love it!

Posted by burblematic on September 2, 2012

I'm very pleased that material like this still exists. Loved the stock "Geep" in a workaday world. Got to love the Big MLW 636 paired with 2 different series SD-40's. You can pick out the "251" anywhere even with a vintage U-boat in the same consist. Most Alcos were only as good as the staff that maintained them. Some were better then others. Conrail loathed them, C&NW rostered gaggles of them. They were more costly to maintain but great pullers on a slow speed, loaded down situation.GE made better Electrical gear then EMD. EMD used a version of a GE traction motor dateing back to 1937. GM built cars, they knew how to make 12 hours in a locomotive cab easier on the Kidneys ! Nice work !

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